Bike Tour

Bike with chickensAbout the 2018 Bike Route

Join us for the fifth annual Tour D’Coop bike route, a tour of urban chickens and their coops by bike.

Saturday, June 2, 2018
10 AM – 4 PM

Visit four coops (3.2 miles or approximately 17-minute ride) on the short route starting from Coop #1 or bike the long route starting from Raleigh Brewing Company and visiting seven coops (21 miles or approximately a 2-hour, 9-minute ride).

See below for a map showing the approximate locations. Full addresses and directions will be available on the day of the tour.

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Special thank you to Raleigh Brewing Company!

Please contact Jordan Hewitt at or 919-256-2187 with questions.

Tickets may be purchased at the event at Raleigh Brewing or online. If you purchased a ticket online, you should receive it by 4 pm on Friday afternoon. If you do not receive the ticket in your email, bring your receipt to Raleigh Brewing on Saturday to pick up your ticket.

Bike Route FAQ

Is there a map of the bike route?
There will be a map provided to all bikers day of the tour at Raleigh Brewing. You can visit up to 4-7 of the coop homes on the tour depending on which route you choose. The route is not pre-planned but a suggested route is provided. You can travel on whatever roads/greenway you would like. However, we will suggest roads to avoid.

If I want to visit coops and hives not on the bike route, do I need to purchase a separate ticket?
A bike route ticket gives you access to all the tour locations. You do not need to buy another ticket.

Would we be riding as a group, or will we be doing this on our own?
You can ride on your own or as a group if you would like. The tickets are being sold from 10am-2pm on the day of the tour, so cyclists will be starting the route anytime in that time frame.

Can you purchase tickets on the day of the tour?
Absolutely. Tickets will be available at Raleigh Brewing from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the day of the tour.

What are benefits to the bikers?
The benefit is the opportunity to use your own green power, with other cyclists, to visit great chicken coops, while benefiting Urban Ministries